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Join thousands of crewmembers and business travelers who have realized significant tax savings with our Per Diem Reports.You get the same report either way.

GoDiem Online $33 GoDiem Classic $46
16 calculations applied to each trip
Largest legal tax deduction for your meal expenses
No receipts required
Complete instructions for claiming the deduction
Enter your flight information online
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One business day turnaround time
Audit insurance* $10 $10
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*Audit Insurance covers the cost of representing you in the event of an IRS, or state tax agency audit. Unlike other per diem services, who can only provide audit "assistance", we are authorized to fully represent taxpayers before the IRS. Purchasing audit insurance with your report entitles you to fulll audit representation of your meal expense deduction at no additional cost. We will handle all details of an IRS correspondence audit and handle all communications with the IRS. Audit insurance must be bought with your report, otherwise our effective representation fees will apply.