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GoDiem is the industry leader in per diem reports and has collectively saved flight attendants and pilots hundreds of millions of tax dollars since we started in business. Individual tax savings range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, versus not claiming the deduction. Missing this deduction or using a competitor’s report simply means that you are overpaying your income taxes.

Easy, Fast, Flexible Data Entry

We’ve made it easy and cost-effective for you to enter your flight information on our website and get your report instantly online. Or send your flight information to us and we’ll enter it for you and get your report back to you within 24 hours. Either way, no other company charges less for a Per Diem Report and no one guarantees the largest legal tax deduction.

Automated Data Entry

Entering your flight information is even easier if your airline provides you a digital file of your trip information. Delta flight attendants and pilots and American flight attendants, you can now import your company file to our website in seconds and calculate your report with a few simple clicks! Check out your company specific information under INSTRUCTIONS.

No Paperwork, No Recordkeeping

In addition to guaranteeing you the largest legal tax deduction for your layover meal expenses, we also free you from paperwork! Our report is your ‘receipt’ and will support your deduction in the event of an audit. You don’t have to keep any meal receipts or track any of your meal expenses!

Easy to Understand Reports

We formatted our reports to make them easy to understand and to make sure they meet the IRS substantiation requirements in order to fully support your meal expense deduction.

100% IRS Approval

GoDiem reports have been accepted at full face value by the IRS and state tax agencies.

Largest Legal Tax Deduction

Our industry exclusive algorithm applies 16 different calculations to each of your trips and calculates the largest annual deduction the IRS allows at the federal per diem rates. You’ll see the results of the various calculations.Your final report will contain the highest total and the calculations to support it.

Industry Experts

We pioneered per diem reports in 1990 and have saved crewmembers hundreds of millions of tax dollars since then. Our tax experts stand behind our reports and we provide you clear and easy to understand instructions on how to claim the deduction on your tax return. We are always available to answer questions and provide additional support.