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Amending Prior Year Tax Return

If this is your first time using GoDiem.com, you may be due additional refunds for prior tax years. IRS allows taxpayers to amend previously filed returns for up to three years after the due date of the original return or the date the return is filed, whichever is later. Claiming the meal expense deduction could generate another refund of several hundred to several thousand dollars for each of the prior three years. You may also be entitled to an additional state refund if you live in a state that allows a deduction for unreimbursed employee expenses.

To get started, just calculate your per diem report for prior tax years. Amending your return involves filing Form 1040X and any tax forms and schedules that you change. In the case of your per diem deduction, you would file a new 1040, Schedule A and Form 2106. Depending on your individual circumstances, the calculations on other tax forms may also be affected. Or contact the experts at Tax Crew for assistance with your amendment.